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Create your own channels. Switch to live feeds. Add overlays and Kantar watermarking.

Time Delay

Record your channels and replay them with a configurable delay. Optionally add a new logo overlay.

Encoding / Transcoding

Transcode your live streams and files to multiple formats with our bleeding-edge encoders.

OTT Multiscreen Delivery

Transcode for adaptive streaming technologies, and distribute your content on all devices.

Splicing / Ad Replacement

Replace a TV channel with another signal, via SCTE-35, or automatic detection with our patent-pending image recognition algorithm.


Spare satellite bandwidth and send your content at the other end of the world using Internet contribution.


Receive channels from satellite or DTT and descramble them. Create multiplexes for cable head-end.

Monitoring / Switching

Always be on air. Detect failures in your workflow, and switch to back-up signals.

Recording / Catch-up TV

Record channels or whole multiplexes, and come back at any time to edit and extract the recordings. Transmux or transcode files for catch-up TV.


Build your own mosaic, for monitoring purposes or for your customers.

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