Receive channels from satellite or DTT, descramble them and provide them to your clients. Alternatively, receive HLS, RTMP or icecast streams.

Route stream to multiple networks and create multiplexes for cable head-end.


  • Input

    DVB-S, S2, T, T2, C, and ATSC using a TV tuner card, DVB-ASI or IP (UDP or RTP, HLS, RTMP or icecast)

  • Outputs

    IP (UDP or RTP unicast and multicast, HLS, RTMP or icecast), choice of network interface and VLAN (802.1q)

  • Descrambling

    BISS or CI modules

  • Options

    Configuration of network ID, network name, transport stream ID, pass-through of DVB conformance tables and EIT schedules, and remapping of ONID, service ID, service name, and PIDs

video software broadcast operations stream 050

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