Monitoring & Switching

  • Detect failures and switch to back-up signals or servers
  • Send SNMP traps
  • Monitoring: bitrate, PID absence, video freeze, audio silence, discontinuities or errors in the input
  • Compare with a reference signal coming from a different source


video software broadcast operations stream 075
  • Record channels or whole multiplexes
  • Add timecode for compliance recording
  • Extract files from the web interface, the API, or a cross-platform client
  • On the fly transcode or transmux to MP4 for catch-up TV


  • Monitor your channels with audio bargraphs and bitrate graphs
  • Receive from any source
  • View it anywhere with multicast or HLS/DASH
  • Check out our bundle with hardware decoding! 
(up to 30 HD sources)
Supermicro server
Multiviewer example

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