One software to rule them all

EasyTools can run on premises and in private or public cloud. Use the same software, same API, same interface on both, to create the Video Infrastructure you need!

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On Premises

Standard PC hardware and expansion cards.

Nothing to install but a USB dongle.

Cut your CAPEX costs!

As A Service

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Same features as the product, with pay as you go.

service providers 1500 666 server broadcasting services

Links to the “real world”: satellite downlink, direct connect to datacenters and 30+ operators and providers

Configuration and monitoring services

Four Families Of Solutions

Of course all functions can be combined together in the same instance to achieve a complex result.

Receive and deliver your channel.

Encode and transcode your channel, replace advertisement.

Create your channel, from TS files, or by delaying an existing stream.

Monitor your channel, create multiviewers.


Dongles distributed


Virtual machines


Years of experience



More than 20 years of technical expertise

Rely on a system evolving with your needs

Not ready to jump?

Interested but not sure if this is the right fit? Let us assist you at your premises to set you up, try our 30-days free solution and see for yourself!

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Too complicated?

Our interface is intuitive! Get your basic system set up in 24 hours.

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Reduce your costs

Our lightweight hardware reduces installation costs. Discover our payment plans by contacting us here!

We are experts in Converged Broadcast Solutions

Lean on the technological expertise of the co-creator of VLC media player

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