Our Vision

Lightweight Hardware

You do not need to buy heavy hardware platforms for the use of only one feature anymore. EasyTools solutions allow several processes within a small hardware.

With our a license-based model:

  • Create custom workflow easily
  • Only pay for the features you need
  • Only one small hardware for several processes

PC hardware is reliable, powerful and low-cost (OPEX and CAPEX).

Modular software solutions

EasyTools brings a new experience for professional TV broadcasting through its entirely modular software solutions. Our expertise and our technology solution allow us to tailor the software to your digital TV projects, your technology needs and customers desires.

Do you need to demultiplex a DVB stream and transcode one of the services to MPEG-4, without the need for an SDI output? It is easy to create your custom solution.

Pay for what you use

EasyTools unique product provides 35+ functions, but you only pay for what you use. If your budget is limited, you can expand your platform later with our flexible licensing scheme.


Our product is software-only and is ready for deployment in private and public clouds. We even offer it as a service.

We are experts in converged broadcast solutions in Europe.

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