EasyTools takes part in RGlab interactive TV demonstration

Easytools tennis sport framerate conversion solution

The demonstration, organized by France Télévisions in partnership with Harmonic, Visual On and Intel®, allows the user to dynamically choose its point of view during a tennis game, without latency nor quality loss.

It’s a new way to consume live sports on mobile devices, as if the user was physically present.

This demonstration was made possible thanks to the technology of several French and international companies, including EasyTools.

EasyTools contributed with its expertise in multiviewers. The demonstration is based a 4k multiviewer with IP output, using 4 cameras around the stadium. The 4 video streams are successively deinterlaced with upscaling, overlayed with a logo and optionally a timecode, and composited in a 4k multiviewer, where the 4 streams are perfectly synchronised. The multiviewer is then hardware encoded using Intel® Quick Sync technology.

Easytools FranceTvLab Video Interactivity RGLab3

We are delighted to take part in this RGlab to demonstrate our multiviewer products. This is a whole new application for this kind of product, aimed at end users. The project also showcases our innovations in hardware video compression, and advanced video processing.

This new interface could quickly be made available to end users during sports and cultural events.

For more information about the demonstration, refer to France TV lab blog.

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